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Bud overlooking Oslo Norway harbor

How ya doing? My name is Bud Dorholt and I am a retired social studies and geography teacher who taught at South and North High Schools, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Prior to South I spent many enjoyable years teaching language arts, social studies, and math classes at Horace Mann Middle School. Recently my wife and I moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to be nearer our grandchildren.

My true passion is travel and through the years God has allowed me to walk the seven continents and nearly one hundred countries. Although across the years many borders and names have changed. The photo above was taken in one of my favorite places, Norway. More accurately, the picture overlooks Oslo harbor from old Fort Christina on a rainy July day.

This page first surfaced in August of 1995 after experimenting with AOL and Mosaic. However, in our area the fastest we could receive AOL was 2400 baud. If you remember those days you can remember eating dinner in less time than it took for small graphics to load. However, what AOL was doing really interested me. At this time I was aware of Gopher, FTP, bulletin boards, and funky browsers like Mosaic. HTML was especially curious and I wrote a few tags and went online.

A friend of mine, Harold Biebel was also experimenting with Netscape's browser and told me it was the real deal. He also really started to tag and quickly wrote the HTML for South High School's first web site. With his enthusiasm, introduction, and guidance I joined Excel.Net, started by Larry and Shelly Weidig, downloaded Netscape 1.01b and wandered the web. While almost nine years ago, those early days of text only browsers, 2400 baud modems, dead links, TCP crashes, memory errors, and interesting sites across the web, were heady times.

What really interested me was the way some educators were using their sites. Kathy Schrock's early pages were awesome. Here was a middle school media specialist who used the web to help other teachers and students. That truly appealed to me. Hence the genesis of this site.


Building This Web Site

It soon became apparent with the continuing versions of Netscape, the introduction of Microsoft Explorer, and the explosion of pages and sites across the net that there was exponential growth potential. Just tagging in old HTML was not enough as animated GIfs, JPEG, and JAVA hit the window.

This site is pretty vanilla compared to many others, but at present I am most interested in another way for students to access assignments. Further, server space is expensive. Hence, simple HTML tags and a couple of zero padded tables were all I used. While you could actually script HTML in Simple Text, I experimented with several pieces of software and hardware.
HTML Editors and other Software

Claris HomePage My wife Diane, a retired media specialist really likes this one. Easy, clean and works well with ClarisWorks.

Adode Page Mill Beautiful graphics included. A bit hard to use. Expensive.

Miracle World Wide Web Weaver Easy, inexpensive. I liked being able to tag and see results in browser in real time. With a tutorial it would be unbeatable.

Adobe Photoshop 3.o1 throuth 7CS Simply awesome stuff, pricey, tough learning curve.

Macintosh G4 Powerbook and imac G5 Still learning OS but presently using OS 10.4.2. But way cool.

UMAX Vista S-12 Scanner Wonderful, incredible software, set up and scan in minutes.

Iomega Drives Really easy to use. Computer teacher's best friend.

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